“What I am about to write cannot be described in any words used from this worlds vocabulary, however I will try my hardest! On October the 14th, 2006 was the day that I step up the ladder and become one of the women in Australia to experience the wrath of a Top fuel Dragster, and I can tell you now, they are AWESOME!” Read More ...


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Its now day 12 and im STILL wearing my orange drivers band that I got for my first drive in Top Fuel. Who would of thought that at age 18 I would be privileged enough to experience the rage and power of a Top Fuel Dragster. Read More ...


My Top Fuel Instruction List - Amanda Shepherd

I have posted my Top Fuel Instruction list that i used on saturday on my old post, but im not sure if everyone knows about it, so i thought i would put it on as a new thread.
It is now day 9 and I am still wearing my orange drivers wrist band. I cannot bring myself to cut it off. It was the first wrist band I have ever worn for driving a Top Fuel Dragster. Read More ...

Top fueler info ..

A top fuel dragster motor is a 500 cubic inch hemi engine.

Under full throttle, a top fuel dragster engine consumes 1.5 gallons (8litres) of nitro methane per second a fully loaded 747 consumes jet fuel at the same rate with 25% less energy being produced.A stock dodge 426 cubic Inch Hemi v8 engine cannot produce enough power to drive the dragster’s supercharge


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… the sponsorship search takes us round the country more often lately.

Adam Nicholls and Bill Zunic took the glorious sunny weekend, 10th, 11th of March 2006 off to chase a few sponsors round the country side of NSW.


Tough Guys!

… John Mancini, Wesco Group of Companies.
Life is difficult to navigate at best. 
Being a black belt, boxer, body builder or bikie doesn’t necessarily or by default make you a tough guy. Just getting through life in one piece is tough enough as skin thickens with age. Wisdom is more often born from failure rather than success. 
“Royal Show”.

Andrew Hodgson and Maurice Fabietti did a great big job organising a formal entertainment entry of drag racers into the Royal Easter Show this year in Sydney. 
A large group of racers along with their families brought their cars to the show for a first time display then entered the NAB stadium for a synchronised motor revving in front of thousands of onlookers. 
“Nitro Champs” May 2008.
After four years hangin around the WSID I finally convinced my beautiful wife to attend this particular race meeting… she brought the kids… the eldest one has been to the track before and loves drag racing while my wife and youngest daughter thought it was all too loud. Coupl’a photos with Amanda then home they went to the log fire and Foxtel; my eldest daughter complaining she wanted to stay with her dad.

“Nationals 2009”
Amanda Shepherd would’ve been a perfect national Ambassador for drag racing if she hadn’t retired; if ANDRA saw fit to do a sensible thing in that regard... but they didn’t… instead they let an excellent marketing opportunity go by.
One day I gotta tell the clowns in the tower at WSID that it’s difficult to sell BBQ Bob over “The Quarter Mile Smile”…