Been a long time since we’ve chatted but every time I get that methanol smell in my nose I tend to think of Skips Fire Service (Racing) – Dave Saunders.

It is a wonderful thing that you do with your many sponsorships in this field of racing and is just ashamed that there are not more business owners that do what you do. 

How big could this sport be if we had another 10 of you with your commitment to the sport?

I will never sit behind the wheel of a race or drag car but I will always get the big bang effect with guys like you sponsoring and the drivers acting out my role.  Never stop what you are doing, please!

I’m sixty, that’s right 60, this year and to this day when the top guns come out to play I may just as well be 12.  I get that pure excitement throughout the body and a bit of a lump in my throat too, I guess that’s why I like to mill around the pits, listen to the talk, smell the fumes and watch everyone put their hearts into what they are doing.

I will be there one of the days over the weekend but if I do not get to stop and chat, or you are too busy cooking sausages again, I will walk by and tip my Skips Racing Cap to you.

Keep up the good work Dave and best of luck to all of your sponsored teams.

Kind Regards,

Ray Wylie

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